where damning rumors drip from holy tongues...

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where damning rumors drip from holy tongues...

Unread postby musicmonkey » Thu Dec 08, 2005 3:33 pm

suspect fled the scene

old friend
your horse is ready to ride
when morning comes

from this church town
where damning rumors drip
from holy tongues

it won't go away

the fever
to find a scapegoat fast
and fix the blame

i know
you never meant to leave
the way you came

looking down
from their stained glass steeples
they'll never know
why you had to run

ride as fast as you can
they're shooting to kill

artist: pedro the lion
album it's hard to find a friend [1998]
label: jade tree records

Josh Jackson wrote:Ever introspective, each Pedro song reads like a journal of lessons learned. The imagery is astounding and clever, and the message unpretentious and honest. Bazan has managed to teach without preaching, and the wisdom and depth of the songs comes through completely unfettered. And that makes for great art.

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