Finding God in EDM, trance, dubstep and rave culture

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Finding God in EDM, trance, dubstep and rave culture

Unread postby musicmonkey » Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:42 pm

I have some younger friends who don't like my mellow indie folk music. Some of them have substance abuse issues and are always going to raves. When I was in my 20s, raves were held in abandoned warehouses, had alcohol, and typically didn't start until well after midnight. Nowadays they are general admission, all ages, held in stadiums, dry, expensive, and sponsored by energy drinks.

While I don't like much of today's electronic dance music (EDM), there is a draw to that type of music. Of course it's typically high energy, often with mind numbing repetitive or primal beats, and the occasional female vocalist singing. Typically lyrics to any rave anthem are far and few between and usually involve the words "take me higher than I've ever been before", "feel the sunshine" or some variation of that. A popular song by Calvin Harris in the YouTube video below includes the lyrics "Inside I'm hurting". Another songs says, "You don't know you're beautiful". A song by OneRepublic says, "I wish that I could witness all your joy and all your pain".

There's a lot of pain and insecurity to be found in the lyrics of many rave anthems today despite the happy, bouncy, feel-good sound. There's also plenty of themes including everlasting love, hope, overcoming suffering and rising above adversity. These are good things. Very good things! And they are true things.

So the question I'd like to put out there is how can God be found in this?

I believe we are all spiritual beings having an earthly/physical experience. To sing and praise life and all of God's creation is a good thing. We're on a continual quest for more... more life, more meaning, more peace, more progress, more knowledge, more fulfillment... for Dharma, that is, the order that makes life and the universe possible.

Now of course there's also a lot of hedonism infused with rave music and nightclub culture exemplified by lyrics like "It's 4am at this nightclub, we still here and we still doing shots!". What you don't hear in this type of music is about being broke because you spent all your money drinking, the pain, depression and regret of hangovers, drug overdoses or losing your job and going to rehab. That's the dark side this culture avoids discussing.

Not sure what the kids are raving to these days? Check this out:

What are your thoughts? More to come from me.

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