Christians Catch Hell: Gospel Roots 1976-79

From negro spirituals to blues, soul, funk, jazz, rockabilly and country.
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Christians Catch Hell: Gospel Roots 1976-79

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Christians Catch Hell: Gospel Roots 1976-79 — a collection of 18 tracks from the Gospel Roots label — provides a snapshot of the underexplored intersection between disco, funk, and gospel. Despite its fiery title, the prevailing themes here are joy, empathy, and compassion. — Pitchfork

In this world today
A lot of people resent a Christian
When they see a Christian from day to day
He develops a dual situation
Satan gets him people
Ugly in so many ways
Oh, if you are a Christian, yes
You sure will catch hell today
When you become a Christian
You are bound to change your ways
But all Satan expects for you is
To stay the same way
But oh, people who are non-Christians
Throw stumbling blocks in your way
And if you are a Christian, Lord, Lord, Lord
You'll catch it each and every day

Satan chooses his disciples
Puts his seal on them to do his ways
But God is so patient
The one He chosen goes on anyway
This creates a dual situation
So a Christian catch hell anyway
I'd rather be a Christian, Lord
And stay with the Lord every day

Oh, you better be careful, yes
Of what you do and say
Lord chose His people
God will take care of you anyway
No matter how people mistreat you
Lord, have mercy
Try to misuse you
Even when they set traps for you, yes
The Lord will surely see you through

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