Timid, the Brave | Amazing Grace (Lament)

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Timid, the Brave | Amazing Grace (Lament)

Unread postby musicmonkey » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:35 pm

Amazing Grace I missed the sound
Now it mocks a wretch like me
I've been tossed and turned around
And dropped into the sea
See I've been learning how to fear
And Grace has not relieved
The bite of the bile or the taste of my tears
Or the fear I've been deceived
But these many dangers toils and snares
Near broke my brittle bones
With nagging doubts and crippling cares
I've found I'm far from home

The Lord has promised good to me;
Of that I've been assured
But while wolves surround the shepherd sleeps
And a man's just as good as his word
And now my flesh and heart have failed
And all my songs have ceased
My ears are blocked my eyes are veiled
Of all that's joy and peace
It seems I've been here ten thousand years
By the river in Babylon
All those songs sound cheap and bare
While my tears flow fast and strong
Now my flesh and heart have failed
And all my songs have ceased?

Timid, The Brave is a project by Tim Selles of Hamilton, Ontario

"Timid, the Brave is the solo moniker of Tim Selles, former singer for the now dis-banded Bruekke. Following the breakup of his former band, he found himself writing somewhat darker, more introspective songs; songs that wrestle with the disappointments of failure, the allure of departure, and the complexities of faith. Working with a community of friends, the record was recorded from August - October of 2012."

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