An interview with Sebastian Horsley

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An interview with Sebastian Horsley

Unread postby musicmonkey » Thu Aug 14, 2008 8:24 pm

Check this interview out:

He makes some interesting comments on love, pain, death, nihilism and more:

"either we conceal our selves and hope to be accepted or we reveal ourselves and we risk rejection"
"not everything that hurts is bad"
"find out what you are with real eyes"
"reality only reveals itself in extreme conditions"
"we die alone like a dog in the street"
"nihilism is the positive courage to live without [belief]"

The Hour wrote:Who is Sebastian Horsley? Well, he's a London artist who calls himself a dandy. So, what's a dandy? Well, according to Horsley.. A dandy is part warrior, stargazer, gambler, crusader, plunderer, violator, and martyr. And you can take that description on good authority. Because Horsley says he's one of the few Dandys to ever grace this earth. His story goes like this. Born into a wealthy family, mom and dad are both drunks. They fight a lot, and Horsley leaves home. He shacks up with Scotland's most violent criminal, convicted murderer Jimmy Boyle. Nice start, eh? It gets better. Sebastian takes enough drugs to melt 10 livers. He sleeps with too many hookers to count. And travels to the Philippines to experience being crucified. Seriously - the cross, the nails - everything. Finally, he gets off the junk. Creates more art, and writes his memoir - 'Dandy In The Underworld.' And he declares it all - 'Act 1.'

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