The Matrix And Jewish Reality [Audio Lecture]

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The Matrix And Jewish Reality [Audio Lecture]

Unread postby musicmonkey » Thu Jan 05, 2006 12:54 am

The Matrix And Jewish Reality
This probing discussion on 'The Matrix' explains how the movie is an excellent representation of how Jewish philosophers have always perceived reality.

I found this interesting audio lecture by Rabbi Motty Berger called, The Matrix And Jewish Reality. Check it out at It's 1 hour 33 minutes, great for your iPod of burning to a CD and listening to on your daily commute. I found it quite informative.

Topics include: the economy, the body versus soul, illusion, etc.

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Unread postby Mercuryotis » Sun Jan 08, 2006 4:47 pm

I'm always amazed at how much theological attention this movie has received. I did like what he said about illusion and how the "real" matrix is more powerful than the one in the movie, but is it? i personally think it's our willingness to believe in the illusion and it's actually easy to see through it. I also liked a few of his quotes;

"The illusion is no fun once you know itÂ’s an illusion."

I liked this because i think I like to hold on to the imaginary things that I particularly like and ignore.

"It's not enough to know the path you also have to walk the path."

Sometimes I think I'm too skeptical, too eager to see the ultimate pointlessness to a particular thing that may actually be good. So I'll avoid it in order to spare myself disappointment or embracement or effort and although I kept myself from getting deceived i also prevented myself from gaining anything.

I didn't think about this before but i think maybe that one of the joys of Christianity is the idea that we can me more prosperous and adventurous servants because we don't have to be so afraid of getting dirty, or to put it another way, we don't have to worry about losing our talents unless we fail to use them Matthew 25:4-30. And I think that also appeals to our masculinity, even if it doesn't appeal to our personalities.

His concepts about salvation were also very informative, and while it wasn't his purpose, I received a measure of comfort about my beliefs as a Christian. He mentioned, "Christianity is the great anti-Semitic religion" because it kind of dethrones Israel as the one who brings blessings to the world, but Christianity dethrones every ethnicity, every culture every country and individual from its supposed role as savior.

What if it was really up to us? Or an ethnicity? Or a culture?

Where would we be without Jesus our savior?

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