The Matrix Trilogy

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The Matrix Trilogy

Unread postby Luke » Sun Sep 18, 2005 11:02 pm

My kids and I watched the last of the Matrix movies yesterday, Matrix Revolution. I do not understand the movies that well but they did open my mind again to different ways of seeing the world around me.

In <a href="viewtopic.php?t=475">Growing In Your Faith</a>, Dr. David Jeremiah wrote:Learn how to apply God's word to every situation in your life so that when your're fighting that war, you know what God's word says and you know where to find it.

Anyway, the movies are all about the battles between opposing worlds and the battle is sometimes subtle and sometimes brutal and is always in the mind of the movies' characters.

Two things to share from this last episode. Agent Smith and Neo fight their last battle in this movie. Agent Smith passionately tells Neo in the midst of the last fight, 'This is my world , my world, and I will not give it up.' He says later, 'Why do you fight for these people...' This sounded so much like the battle between Jesus and Satan that it was amazing.

I am the first one to admit that I lose my focus, my thinking gets hazy, I drift in complacency, I get lulled into some kind of drowziness that is hard to shake at times cause I do not realize the cloud of deception that is creeping over me..

It is only through the efforts of the Holy Spirit within that shakes me from my lethargy. I STRONGLY believe that the memorizing of scripture verses have been the saving of me many times. That word of God put into my thinking provides the connection with God Himself, somehow the scriptures do 'come alive' and make my thinking alive again as well.

How many of us have decided to read the Bible every day and do well for awhile and drift away from it? We become so vulnerable to outside influences when that happens.

When I think of that movie, I am again conscious of the fact that we are in a battle. No time for self complacency.It truly is a battle for our minds and our hearts. There is a whole" world" out there that is not being seen because it is intended by satan to go unnoticed..

This group of men here at this site are men who are realizing this battle and are making the efforts to strengthen themselves or know that they need to. The alternative is not a good one.


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Unread postby Mercuryotis » Sat Sep 24, 2005 11:58 am

I have to admit I didn't think much of The Matrix movies myself until a priest from a neighbroing church nearly talked my ear off about how much he liked it. I was amazed at all the parallels and symbolism he was able to extract, Gospel themes etc that he said he saw. He was even passing out copies of an article in Christianity today about it.

I thought it was cold and violent and he's telling me he saw; a crown of thorns, and the cross, and all this other stuff. It just surprised me how open minded he was. If anything I rember feeling irritated with the religious overtones but he was delighted. I'm not exactly sure what to think now, lol.

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Matrix Articles

Unread postby musicmonkey » Sat Sep 24, 2005 6:09 pm

To say I did plenty of reading when the Matrix first came out is an understatement. Here are some of the insightful articles I recommend reading. I look forward to an engaging discussion.

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