The Leftovers 207 "A Most Powerful Adversary" Discussion

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The Leftovers 207 "A Most Powerful Adversary" Discussion

Unread postby musicmonkey » Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:20 am

Synopsis: Nora gives Kevin and Jill news they weren't expecting. Kevin deals with the fall-out of Nora's news and explores his options re: tackling his Patti problem head-on. Jill goes on a solo adventure that could only happen in Miracle. Laurie makes a rash decision that affects the Garveys.

"When the mind is in emotional distress, it will grasp at any construct that makes it feel better. Their brains would sooner embrace magic than deal with feelings of fear and abandonment and guilt. And all of us turn to someone who could just turn it off. And now you are manifesting the leader of that cult because you need someone to turn it off." - Laurie Garvey

I'm trusting the show creators on this one. I'm 17 episodes in with only three left and no assurances about a Season 3. I just hope they don't go super silly. They can't! Not with Nora dismissing the demon theory. They won't go super supernatural and cheesy! But where's this headed? Where's my head? That wasn't the end of a chapter in a great novel like so many previous episodes, that was a bloody cliffhanger!

The tone of The Leftovers is definitely about how the human psyche deals with the inexplicable. I'm not one to deny either Creation or evolution. I can see both co-existing. Evolution does not prove that there is no God, it only provides a scientific method to explain creation... the inexplicable! When we're faced to deal with something inexplicable, our natural inclination is towards trying to prove it scientifically or delve into mysticism. In ancient Greece, they couldn't understand the storms of the sea and declared it to be a god named Poseidon. Yet as Christians we believe that God created the moon to control the seas. It's also scientific fact. The cave woman couldn't comprehend the earthquake that separated her from her tribe. It doesn't mean that magic exists. But perhaps God used the earthquake to allow the baby to be taken in by another tribe for some greater purpose. Or perhaps to an atheist, sh*t happened and she accepted her fate.

Kevin seems to be very special to both Virgil and Michael. Special enough that Virgil would commit suicide for a yet to be determined reason. Is Kevin a shaman? Did the guy in Australia resurrect? So many questions but at least we're getting a few answers and "letting the mystery be" aka enjoying the ride. To quote G.K. Chesterton, "The mathematician goes mad building his bridge across the infinite. The poet is content to swim the sea." Lindelof's a poet! To what end though? He was dissed for Lost's ending, perhaps he's trying to avoid giving us a message or moral to the story. But if the show is too abstract, it's just sh*t on a wall. If anything, it stirs very much inside me.


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