The Leftovers 203 "Off Ramp" Discussion

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The Leftovers 203 "Off Ramp" Discussion

Unread postby musicmonkey » Fri Oct 23, 2015 6:31 pm

Synopsis: Laurie and Tom's work to rescue lost souls takes a toll on them; Laurie tries to spread the word about the dangers of the Guilty Remnant; Tom's infiltration of the cult uncovers new problems.

Like many viewers, I wasn't thrilled with the thought of returning to Mapleton after two compelling episodes in Miracle but it turned out to be such an amazing episode after all. I almost view the first three episodes of season 2 as one big episode with three acts.

I'm glad to see Laurie in her new role as cult de-programmer and it's interesting to note that Laurie and Tom are recognizing that you can't just take something away, you have to replace it with something. Everyone, whether they are religious or not, has spiritual yearnings and a longing for deeper meaning in life. The side story with the mother finding life so meaningless back with her family was incredible. The use of blur was very jarring but an excellent tool to show us what was "clear" to her.

Lots of interesting uses of camera angles and lighting in this episode. Lots of white with Meg, for sure. And great to hear some Season 1 music to bring us back, not to mention the softer version of Where's My Mind. Are both Kevin and Laurie insane? How many of the Guilty Remnant has Laurie hit with her car? Are Kevin and Laurie tied together somehow since their scenes share the Where's My Mind song? Are Kevin and Laurie another version of Jack and Kate from Lost who will end up in purgatory at the end of the series?

Meg has sure gone in deep into the Guilty Remnant and I hope we get a back story of how she climbed the ranks. Does she want a "Lil Wayne"? Something tells me that Holy Wayne might be David Burton in Perth, Australia. Does Tommy have the "hug the pain away" gift or is it all a placebo? If Holy Wayne is not a fraud, what does that make baby Lily? And why did Jill's friend Aimee seem unfazed by it all in Season 1?

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