The Walking Dead 604 "Here's Not Here" Discussion

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The Walking Dead 604 "Here's Not Here" Discussion

Unread postby musicmonkey » Fri Oct 23, 2015 6:11 pm

Synopsis: Morgan tells the Wolves Leader about his meeting with Eastman, a lone survivor with a code.

"We're not built to kill"

The Walking Dead gives us a little sermon: "I was gone — I was where you were, and I wasn’t trying to open up the door anymore either. What I did to him, it didn’t give me any peace. I found peace when I decided never to kill again. You have to care about yourself. You have to believe your life is precious, that all life is precious. What you've done, you've done. We evade it by moving forward, with a code to never do it again — to make up for it. To still accept what we were. To accept everyone. To protect everyone, and in doing that, to protect yourself. To create peace."

Will Morgan convince the Wolves leader to stop killing or will it backfire? Should pacifists be prepared to die? Does turning the other cheek bring peace? Big questions from popcorn television.

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