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Unread postby musicmonkey » Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:53 pm

Over the holidays I have watched a number of movies that I had been meaning to see for a long time. Last night I finally watched the award-winning Canadian indie film, Juno, shot in my beloved city of Vancouver.

The movie gives us a real insight into the postmodern human condition when it comes to relationships, sex and maturity. While I thoroughly enjoyed Juno's nonstop edgy sarcasm and brash hipster wittiness throughout the film, I also found it to be a sad commentary on a number of levels, most notably, that kids today just seem to be increasingly jaded at an early age. Juno reminds me more of Sara Gilbert's character on Roseanne (and then some) than Melissa Gilbert's character on Little House. But in the end, with all her jadedness, she is still a teenage girl and Bleaker is still a teenage boy. Ironically, Jason Bateman was once in Little House on the Prairie. How times have changed! The world has most certainly changed, but human nature is still the same.

Bleaker's character gave me an insight into how teenage boys think today.... or perhaps don't think. On a sidenote, I think many young men today are so lost. Bleaker is most certainly a confused awkward boy, not a man.

One one hand the film is about children having children while on the other Juno seems to be more mature than the adults. It's a dychotamy, however, because for all her maturity, she is still a young girl.

Overall, it's a beautifully awkward story billed as a comedy about life's bumps. I think it's made more beautiful by its awkwardness on multiple levels, notwithstanding, the characters played by Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner and the unconventional and possibly controversial nature of that situation. In the end, and without giving too much away, I'm left with the question: what is a grown up? On one hand some might say teenagers should not be having sex, but on the other hand the adults aren't necessarily any more equipped. I'm almost getting some Lord of the Flies parallels here.

The best films are mirrors into the human condition. This bittersweet film pulls you in to the life of a postmodern pregnant teenage hipster girl and the lives of those f*cked up people around her.

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