\\ What was the last movie you watched? //

Discuss your favourite films.
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\\ What was the last movie you watched? //

Unread postby musicmonkey » Mon Mar 14, 2005 10:29 pm

Please start a NEW TOPIC with the film title as the subject. If more than one of you watched the same film, just reply to whomever started the topic for that film. Thanks in advance.

a. What was your initial or immediate reaction to the film? Why do you think you reacted that way? What was it in the film that prompted that reaction?

b. What is the message(s) of the film, or view of life and the world that is presented in the story as it unfolds? Consider how the film addresses themes such as: the nature of reality or what is really real; what's wrong with the world, and what's the solution; the fragmentation of life in our busy, pluralistic world; the significance and meaning of relationships and love; the significance and meaning of being human; whether there is right and wrong, and how we determine it; the meaning of life and history; and what happens at death.

c. What is attractive here? To whom? How is it made attractive?

d. Where do you agree? Where do you disagree? Why? In the areas in which we might disagree, how can we talk about and demonstrate the truth in a winsome and creative way in our pluralistic culture?

e. In what ways were the techniques of film-making (casting, direction, script, music, sets, action, cinematography, lighting, editing, etc.) used to get the film's message(s) across, or to make the message plausible or compelling? In what ways were in ineffective or misused?

f. Most stories actually are improvisations on a few basic motifs or story-lines common to literature. What other films come to mind as you reflect on this movie? What novels or short stories? What Scriptures?

Feel free to answer one or all of the questions above. If you don't answer all of them in one post, you can always try tackling a few questions at a time and work your way down the list over time.

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