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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules
Last Updated Feb 2006

The following forum rules have been developed by our moderators as an addendum to our Registration Agreement Terms in order to take away any grey areas for the good of the entire group. While we do not think that our description, "A HOLISTIC COMMUNITY OF GOD SEEKING + CHRISTIAN MEN" leaves a whole bunch of wiggle room, we understand that it could be misinterpreted. As such, the following rules are meant to clarify and reinforce the expectations of participation here. Setting expectations takes a lot of the fudge factor out of any kind of activity. While this is a ministry, it has to have some hard edges. Not hard as in harsh, hard as in defined.

  1. You will comply with the Registration Agreement Terms that you agreed to when registering, including any amendments made since registering.
  2. God Seeking & Holistic:
    At the core of our community is a deep desire to seek God and grow through mature Godly fellowship. We are a holistic community of God seeking and Christian men. "Holistic" is defined as the phenomenon conceptualized as an indivisible whole, whose essential nature is distorted or destroyed if reduced to a collection of parts. While we love to hear about new bands, cool sites, and the latest books out there, we are also about community, fellowship, and team building. Members who only are interested in talking about themselves (including their web site, band, product, company, or personal issues) without getting involved in what is already going on here usually have a harder time getting people to be receptive, and may have their posts removed, edited, moved or locked. While sharing is encouraged, members who repeatedly demonstrate that they are here with one specific agenda to push or sound like a broken record player, will be temporarily banned or have their accounts removed. All posts you view are logged, including the number of times you visit a particular post.
  3. How To Frame Your Questions & Replies:
    Just because you are a Christian, does not mean that every topic here is fair game. LEOAB members strive to frame their questions as they relate to how our walk with God is impacted. Not everything we might want to discuss is valuable. We are Christians and God seekers first. All else follows and flows from that fact. We are here to express and relate how things in our lives go, from the perspective of a God-fearing man. This can include one to many of the following: life, relationships, current events, music, movies, books, other media, hobbies, etc. Members who repeatedly breach this rule including members who are interested only in the social aspects of this group and not the spiritual aspects will be temporarily banned or have their accounts removed. See also: Internet troll
  4. A Word On Friendship:
    Trust and listening are two essential ingredients in building strong friendships while jealousy, gossip, name calling, slander, and mistrust erode relationships as quickly as fire consumes wood. Trust is developed over time so please don't try too hard - the destination is the journey [See also: How To Build Strong Friendships]
  5. Courtesy & Respect:
    This is an online community with people from all walks of life and at all different phases in their spiritual journey. Respect, a willingness to listen, a posture of openness, and common courtesy go a long way. Pettiness and meanness may result in your post being removed, edited, moved or locked. See also: Internet troll
  6. Harassment & Disrupting Group Harmony:
    Posts that harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member or guest, including posts that disrupt the peace and harmony of this forum may be removed, edited, moved or locked. This includes deliberately re posting a post, thread, image or anything else that has been removed for a breach of forum rule. Members who stalk or harass other members (including sexual harassment and unwanted attention) will be temporarily banned or have their accounts removed. See also: Internet troll
  7. Attacking Beliefs:
    We are ecumenical in nature and seek dialogue over debate and love and grace over legalism and intolerance. Posts that attack another member's beliefs may result in your post being removed, edited, moved or locked, including, but not limited to:
    (a) posts that directly state or otherwise imply that another member is not a Christian;
    (b) putting down or belittling any Christian group or denomination;
    (c) posts that put down or belittles Christianity as a whole; and,
    (d) posts that express or imply hatred towards a race, ethnic group, women, homosexuals, a religion or its followers (Islam, Judaism, Muslims, Jews, etc).
    See also: Internet troll
  8. Dirty Laundry:
    Men who struggle with serious personal issues, are strongly advised to seek professional help in their local area including speaking with a church leader or getting involved in a local support group. We believe that online groups should supplement but never replace face-to-face support and fellowship. We are not an accountability group and are not qualified to offer professional counseling. Posts airing dirty personal laundry will be deleted. Members who repeatedly breach this rule will be temporarily banned or have their accounts removed. See also: Internet troll
  9. Staying On Topic / Thread Jacking:
    Off topic posts and resulting subsequent "thread-jacking" may result in your post being removed, edited, moved or locked. Please stay on topic with the original post. See also: Internet troll
  10. Contributing Content:
    Posts having no content contributing to the thread will be deleted. See also: Internet troll
  11. Misquoting Members:
    Posts that misquote another member regardless of context will be deleted.
  12. Multiple Posts / Choosing Appropriate Forum For Topic:
    Multiple posting of identical topics in different threads or forums will be deleted. Pick the forum you feel is the most appropriate and post it in there. See also: Internet troll
  13. Profiles:
    You will not enter inaccurate details in your profile to gain access to restricted forums.
  14. Additional User Accounts:
    You will not use additional accounts to bypass a suspension or ban from the forums.
  15. Signatures:
    No commercial links or ads in signatures
  16. Avatars:
    Larger avatars, especially those that disrupt the layout of the forum or are offensive to the community may be removed without warning. If you have an image you love, we recommend you use a photo hosting site like Photobucket to resize it to fit the requirement.
  17. New Members:
    New members are only able to REPLY to existing topics until they have 20 posts. At 20 posts, members will be able to start new topics and also read and reply to topics in the restricted forums (primarily dealing with more personal issues, prayer requests, or controversial topics of sex, sexuality, politics, social justice, doctrine and interfaith dialogue).
  18. Increasing Post Count Intentionally:
    Posting with the intention of raising your post count may result in your post being removed, edited, moved or locked. See also: Internet troll
  19. Inactive Members:
    Users who have not posted in 200 days (including users who do not activate their account or have not posted within 30 days of registering) will have their account including all private messages permanently deleted from the system. For details on this see: Important Announcement Concerning Your User Account
  20. Complaints:
    If you have an issue with someone, deal with it privately. If you can't resolve it on your own, contact the site admin or a moderator. Additionally, complaints need to be expressed in a mature way, with no insults or abuse, if you wish for it to be resolved. Abuse including name calling or insulting any moderator or site administrator will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with these forum rules and registration agreement terms will result in an edited, deleted, or locked thread. Repeated breach of forum rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban from your user account or account deletion.

Please visit here regularly for updates and revisions.

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