being an honest man is tougher than i ever planned...

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being an honest man is tougher than i ever planned...

Unread postby musicmonkey » Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:29 am

I just discovered Canadian roots singer/songwriter Justin Rutledge recently.

Here's the song Alberta Breeze (no video, just a slide show, so read the lyrics while you listen). Here's a little music appreciation tip: don't read ahead of his voice... let the lyrics slowly sink in :)

Oh my city is dressed in skin
her lips are dark, her ankles thin
oh my dizzy ballerina
won't you give us a spin

My country is cold in autumn's chains
every time I think of her it rains
when she breathes upon the morning
she shakes all the weathervanes

I try to keep a steady hand
'cause I'm livin' in a shaky land
Lord I try to be an honest man
but it's tougher than I ever planned

In the westbound air tonight
are those centuries
my tongue-tied beheaded bride
the Alberta breeze

Oh David drive like you never done
oh Sarah sing like you never sung
oh my dizzy ballerina
spin like you never spun

Now I'm sendin' you a telegram
'bout my days in the caravan
with the steers and the bleating lambs
took the money and away I ran

But I recall how the dress you wore
rose above your knees
as the thrust flew from the mouth of
the Alberta breeze

And the summer's turned its back on me
with a sorrow-laden symmetry
with a highway kinda robbery
like my life was an apology

And I don't think about you all the time
only when the trees
sway somehow slaughtered by
the Alberta breeze

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