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Re: Ed Chamber's Music List

Unread postby alex213 » Mon Feb 07, 2005 1:22 pm

edchambers wrote:David (soulpatch) asked we to list all of the music he has shared with me, so here goes (listed in this format: artist – album title – song title). There may be mistakes in names or titles; I just took them from the mp3 file names:

Disc 1:
Pedro the Lion – It’s Hard to Find a Friend – Secret of the Easy Yoke
Sufjan Stevens – Hark Songs for Christmas Volume 2 – Come Thou Font of Every Blessing
Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans – He Woke Me Up Again

Disc 2:
Don Peris – Ten Silver Slide Trombones – Your Friend
Over the Rhine – ‘Til We Have Faces – Cast Me Away
Pedro the Lion – Winners Never Quit – Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Sufjan Stevens – Greetings From Michigan – Oh God, Where Are You Now

Disc 3:
Burlap to Cashmere – Anybody Out There – Eileen’s Song
By the Tree – Passion 1999 Live – Find Me in the River
Over the Rhine – Good Dog Bad Dog: The Home Recordings – A Gospel Number
Ten Shekel Shirt – Much – Healer, Heal Me
The Innocence Mission – Befriended – When Mac Was Swimming
The Innocence Mission – Befriended – Look for Me as You Go By
The Innocence Mission – The Lakes of Canada EP – Prayer of Saint Francis
Woven Hand – Woven Hand – The Good Hand

Disc 4:
Coldplay – Parachutes – Everything’s Not Lost
Denison Witmer – Recovered – Suzanne
Over the Rhine – The Darkest Night of the Year – Greensleeves
Stabilo Boss – One More Pill – everybody
Starflyer 59 – Old – Old

Disc 5:
The Elms – The Big Surprise – Here’s My Hand

Disc 6:
At the Close of Every Day – Zalig Zijn De Armen Van Geest – In the Light I Wrap My Tears
Iron & Wine – Exclusive iTunes EP 2004 – Friends They Are Jewels
Over the Rhine – Ohio – Changes Come
The Elms – The Big Surprise – Real Men Cry
This Beautiful Mess – Falling on Deaf Ears – Sola Gratia
This Beautiful Mess – Falling on Deaf Ears – Here I Stand
U2 – How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb – Yahweh
Woven Hand – Consider the Birds – Chest of Drawers

This are the songs I like on your list. There are a lot songs I've never heard, so I can't give my opinion of all those songs.

It's nice to see some Dutch bands back in your list. At the Close of Every Day and This Beautiful Mess are very good. If you like those bands, you might like the band Brown Feather Sparrow too. It contains a few members from This Beautiful Mess, and the sound is very good.

I am going to see Denison Witmer and Brown Feather Sparrow on the 19th of Februar. They play at the Fred (=peace) festival, with several other bands.
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"Real" music

Unread postby eskimocounselor » Mon Feb 07, 2005 3:06 pm

This is my first post. I'm very glad to find this website and forum. Thanks again Soulpatch Guy. This is a ministry that I can contribute to as well as benefit from. Also, the soulpatch will never go out of style! I am from Portland, Oregon and have been the village School Counselor here in Kotlik, Alaska for two years now. I am involved in the only protestant church out here where I lead worship and help my wife run childrenÂ’s church.
I have grown up in non-denominational, Foursquare, Baptist, and Assemblies of God churches, and have gone to school at Lutheran and Christian school from Kindergarten through college. I have never related to the "Christian culture," much to my youth pastors' dismay. They were always trying to get me saved because my Mom would cry to them about me being a black sheep.
I have always liked a few Contemporary Christian Music artists, but for the most part thought CCM was cr*p. In my opinion, the whole Christian music scene has become a ghetto of unoriginality and shallow spirituality marketed for the masses. Just go to your local Christian bookstore. Modern worship songs have been saying the same thing over and over for so long now that you can't tell one song's lyrics from the others until you get to the chorus, and even then itÂ’s hard to differentiate.
Ever since I used to sneak and listen to the local soft-rock radio station on my headphones, I have been more partial to secular music that contained some Christian elements. My first real musical interest, besides listening to Beach Boys records in my basement, was Phil Collins. Pretty hardcore, I know. Since then, I have progressed from late 80s and early 90s rap, to funk, rock, grunge, shoegazer, emo, and most recently to independent and acoustic music that is harder to classify, but that has some element of real worship to it.
I have listened to Christian music, "whatever the hell that really is anyway," as well as various “secular” artists through the years. There were times that I would obsess over certain bands like Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, and Elliott Smith, among others, but they always left me with an empty feeling inside. Musically they are all outstanding bands musically, but lyrically they are devoid of meaning and some are even very negative. My biggest obsession with Neil Young ended when I saw “Year of The Horse” and really saw how miserable and empty his life was. I don’t know if Zeppelin was “satanic,” as my teachers in Christian school always said, but they were definitely dazed and confused. My obsession with Pearl Jam ended when I looked at their website and saw the organizations they supported. They literally had a “save the whales” organization listed right next to a “pro choice” organization in their links section. Not to mention some of their whacked political stances. Radiohead takes a very strong stance on I have no idea what. They are a little confused too. I don’t really need to say anything about Elliott Smith. His death speaks for itself.
I have always gravitated toward bands that seemed “real” to me. CCM has very few bands that seem “real” to me. I worked backstage for many of the big CCM bands whom you all have heard of, and found that some of the most popular and highly esteemed bands can be real assholes in person. It was like their on-stage performance was their job, but before and after the show, they didn’t have to be Christians. They seemed like "fake" Christians. Some, however, were very “real” and seemed like genuine Christian artists to me. Maybe this is just all my opinion, but I can usually spot a Christian when I meet one.
As I have grown older, bands donÂ’t mean as much to me as they used to. When your young, the music you listen to almost forms your identity. Look at your local public school and youÂ’ll find the punks, the hip-hoppers, the hicks and other musical genre type groups that dress and act a certain way. Going to small schools all my life, I never felt that kind of pressure to join a certain group, but the music I listened to did help to form what I thought was my identity.
The musical staples I listen to now are influenced by my increasing desire to serve the lord, as well as the fact that a lot of my musical tastes can annoy the cr*p out of my wife. I mostly listen to bands like, Sufjan Stevens, Damien Jurado, Pedro The Lion, Aaron Sprinkle, Ben Harper, Keith Green, Michael Roe, Lost Dogs, Waterdeep, Jeremy Enigk, Rich Mullins, Johnny Cash, Havalina Rail Co., Cush, Michael Knott, Richard Swift, Starflyer 59, and The Violet Burning, among others.
Sufjan Stevens “Seven Swans” album has quickly become one of my all-time favorite albums. The musical quality and originality along with the vivid biblical and personal lyrics make it a masterpiece. His other works are also outstanding. “Michigan” has some gems on it too. I could give a narrative on each of the bands listed above, but I’d rather hear what y’all have to say about them. I promise that the rest of my posts won’t be so d*mn long. Thanks for listening.

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Favorites from my music list.

Unread postby edchambers » Fri Feb 11, 2005 1:25 pm

Of all the songs Soulpatch has shared with me, my favorites are as follows:
Aaron Sprinkle - Useless
Eastmountainsouth - Hard Times
Sufjan Stevens - Come Thou Font of Ever Blessing
Switchfoot - Twenty-Four
Sonicflood - Holiness
Tree 63 - Blessed Be Your Name
Tree 63 - Joy

It seems I like songs where the music is "catchy". Unfortunately I often put lyrics second to the music.
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Unread postby Hank » Sun Feb 13, 2005 12:58 am

David is introducing me to all kinds of new artists that i'm truly enjoying and one of my favorite songs is: "He woke me up again."

I grew up in Southern Gospel music and living in a Southern State we all loved country music. I even play Southen country music in Church. But I have always loved new music and was never closed minded so the past few months i've been growing and leaning that expression of Christian music does not have to be triditional and can be from all types of music. I love music you can enjoy and also let your hair down and Praise the Lord with out being stiff.

I've heard "I'll fly away" so much i've almost fell asleep during the songs. I believe if we want to reach the younger generation with the Gospel we have to get on their level and be Godly with their own beats.

Thanks David for all the new music i'm listening to and I truly enjoy the new music I listen to.

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Unread postby the soviet » Tue Feb 22, 2005 9:14 am

well though i am not an indie expert by anymeans, i do like a few artist.
I have been enjoying the lighter side of indie music because it is a nice contrast to my usual listening shuffle.
I have really been digging these songs as of late.

-sigur ros=svefn-g-englar
-the snake the cross the crown=On The Threshold Of Eternity
-sleeping at last= ghosts
-the velvet teen=Chimera Obscurant
-scatter the ashes=city in the sea
-the postal service=sleeping in
-muse=feeling good
-owen=The Ghost of What Should've Been
-airline=winter song
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