A duet by Dan Auerbach and Dante Schwebel

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A duet by Dan Auerbach and Dante Schwebel

Unread postby musicmonkey » Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:19 pm

I found this duet refreshing to see and hear. I'm a recent fan of Dan Auerbach. Below Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys performs "Trouble Weighs a Ton" from his solo album Keep It Hid, released February 2009. He is accompanied by Dante Schwebel from the band Hacienda.


What's wrong, dear brother? Have you lost your faith?
Don't you remember a better place?
Needles and things, done you in
Like the setting sun
Oh, dear brother, trouble weighs a ton

What's wrong, dear sister? Did your world fall down?
Men misuse you and push you around
Same story dear, year after year
Faith will run
Oh, dear sister, trouble weighs a ton

Trouble in the air
Trouble all I see

Does anybody care
Trouble killin' me
Whoa, it's killin' me

What's wrong, dear mother? Has your child disobeyed?
Left you hurtin' in so many ways
What once was sweet, the sorrow and greet
Cannot be undone
Oh, dear mother, trouble weighs a ton
Oh, dear mother, trouble weighs a ton

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