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Mr Robot | Season 1 Discussion & Season 2 Predictions

Unread postby musicmonkey » Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:42 pm

There's a very compelling cynicism in Season 1 of Mr Robot. It's a timely show plugged into the zeitgeist, much like HBO's The Leftovers. It's part The Matrix and part Fight Club. "The greatest unanswered question of USA's sensational hacker drama isn't about reality. It’s about morality." says The Atlantic.

In a New York Times article titled The Year We Obsessed Over Identity, Wesley Morris writes, "The USA Network's ‘Mr. Robot,’ might have gotten at [our] sense of social collapse best. It's a show about the way your online profile can diverge from your real-life identity, yes, but also the way you can choose a self or a self can choose you."

Involuted Speculations writes, "The cynicism of Mr. Robot, ironically, is hopeful, for it underlines a basic Scriptural truth: Man is depraved. Fallen man cannot construct a sociopolitical future that is not rife with errors (accidental and purposeful), powered by frivolity and greed; even if he could, he would remain errant, driven by base and sinful desires, out for only himself (even in his “better” moments of feigned altruism), and willing to destroy the lives of others in order to achieve his goals. If E-Corp wins, then tyrannical corporatism reigns over society; if f-society wins, then anarchism and the power vacuum raises its ugly lawless head. Neither anarchism nor corporatism have bright prospects for the future."

Season 2 is likely to premiere June/July 2016.

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