The Returned Season 2 | Creepy French drama returns to Sundance

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The Returned Season 2 | Creepy French drama returns to Sundance

Unread postby musicmonkey » Tue Oct 20, 2015 11:25 pm

The Returned (Les Revenants) is an amazing French supernatural drama television series created by Fabrice Gobert, based on the 2004 French film They Came Back and for which Mogwai provides the soundtrack. It follows the return of several long-deceased people to a village in the French countryside and the disturbing supernatural manifestations that begin to haunt the town following their appearance.

PopMatters says, "The Returned asks a not-so-simple question about how the living would react to the return of the dead, and offers no easy answers."

OnPopTheology writes, "A revenant is something wholly different from a zombie. A revenant is a reanimated corpse; one who retains the appearance, memory, and mind of a fully-human being who once was dead, and now is not. What fascinates me about the show is how it borrows from Christian tradition, taking inspiration from the more strange details of the resurrection narrative. The Returned is uninterested in being “Christian” but as a meditation on resurrection, it still has much to offer the Christian mind."

Scott Derrickson is a screenwriter — and a Christian. In an interview with ChristianityToday, he says, the horror genre "deals more overtly with the supernatural than any other genre, it tackles issues of good and evil more than any other genre, it distinguishes and articulates the essence of good and evil better than any other genre, and my feeling is that a lot of Christians are wary of this genre simply because it's unpleasant. The genre is not about making you feel good, it is about making you face your fears. And in my experience, that's something that a lot of Christians don't want to do."

Season 1 had eight amazing episodes and Season 2 will also have eight episodes and premieres Halloween night 2015 on SundanceTV.


If you like brilliant and creepy, check out the original. I know there's been an American re-make but it's nothing compared to the original. In fact, it's one of the first shows in decades that BBC did not dub into English. That's right, you have to read subtitles if you don't understand French. But please don't let that stop you. Some of the best films and TV shows right now are not in English.

Sundance will marathon Season 1 before Halloween and you can also watch Season 1 on Netflix.

Here's the captivating opening credits with music by Mogwai:

Here's the Season 1 trailer (but if you don't like spoilers then just watch the show and skip the trailer).

Season 2 Trailer:

Here are the episode titles:
101 Camille
102 Simon
103 Julie
104 Victor
105 Serge & Toni
106 Lucy
107 Adèle
108 The Horde

201 L'enfant
202 Milan
203 Morgane
204 Virgil
205 Madame Costa
206 Esther
207 Etienne
208 The Returned

Also check out the Official Site at:
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