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Postmodern thought, post Christian culture, and inter-faith dialogue.
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This forum is for Christians to dialogue about non-denominational and inter-denominational issues including various Christian doctrines, canon law, and praxis.

This forum is also for Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists and people of other religions to engage in a positive inter-faith dialogue about both our common ground and our differences so that we might increase in our charity, compassion, and understanding with one another.

To help people in open forums wrestle with the idea of faith, Brian McLaren suggests that we focus on essentials and not debate minutiae - rather than old earth versus young earth, we should wrestle with larger issues.

The primary purpose of dialogue is to learn. In debate winning is the goal. In dialogue finding commonground is the goal.

A final note to Christians: A gracious, tasteful, thoughtful answer, even when expressing profound disagreement, is far more compelling than the unkind response which reeks of defensiveness or arrogance.
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get your worship on

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