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Gardening/Home Landscaping

Unread postby Bessinger » Thu Sep 22, 2011 8:28 pm

I haven't heard much from the group about the topic of gardening or home landscaping--so let's try discussion in that area.

I am a lawn/garden addict!!! Once the weather warms up, much of my spare time is spent in the yard; fortunately, Michigan has long winters so my hobby does not take time from the academic calendar aside from September clean-up and leaf raking.

I live on a decent sized city lot (125 X 150), but much is covered with a variety of trees (white birch, river birch, norway/blue spruce, silver fir, white/Austrian pine). The result is that much of my lawn work is shade gardening--with many varieties of hosta offset with astilbe, holly, fern, coral bells, etc. I have one 25 X 25 plot that is full-sun for roses and a variety of perennials. Scattered between the two types are a number of day lilies, euonomyous shrubs, yew, hemlock, cotoneaster, forsythia, azalea, etc.

I totally enjoy watching things come to life in the spring and trace many of them centimeter by centimeter as they grow. I learn great lessons of the creative power of God in the garden--and I am in awe of His beauty here. This weekend was an interesting complication: 6-12 inches of snow forecast for this area and blizzard conditions (over 35 mph winds). But determining what to do for growing plants in this April-snowstorm has been interesting.

Inside I grow a smaller variety of things: a dozen orchids (dendrobium, paphopedlium, phalanopsis and cymbidium), a variety of African violets and a few miscellaneous things--all these grow in the windows on the south side of my library/study.

What about the rest of does your garden grow?

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