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\\ General updates on life - an open thread //

Unread postby Luke » Sat Mar 19, 2005 11:28 pm

The group has been quiet lately which only suggests that daily life has been grabbing all of us and keeping us busy. For me, our town of Braham Minnesota is jumping with excitement cause the high school basketball team won the state championship !!! This is two years in a row !!

Several guys on the team who are the lead men are Christians, all be it young Christians, but the team is fun to watch cause they know each other so well that they are insync with each other.

Also getting ready fo daughter's 11 birthday and party. I always bake a special cake for the doings. Trying my hand at a farm scene this year with a barn, etc. Helped clean house today and finally finished the wallpapergin and trim in the dining room.

Am doing well and hope you men are making each day count also.


A long walk

Unread postby Grape » Fri Apr 01, 2005 8:23 am

You wouldn't think that in a city the size of Greater Toronto (4.5 million) that there would be places to go for a leisurely walk (apart from down the streets).

Happily there are many hiking/biking trails in Toronto, some secluded in parklands and in and amongst trees... that sometimes you don't even see the "concrete jungle" (skyscrapers)... you forget you're in a city.

One of these walking trails "end" (or starts, in my case) right across the street from the subway station at the end of my road (still a 10-min bus ride from my house, but it's the station closest to my house).

With the warm weather approaching, I enjoy long walks with my walkman (praise music) and... well, my pipe! Long walks in prayer, music, and communion with God.... that's about my only "physical" exercise.


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Unread postby gastoncat » Fri Apr 08, 2005 10:01 pm

We have some pretty neat places to walk in Vancouver. From the tall Douglas firs of Stanley Park and the seawall, to little quiet and secluded trails along the river. Patch showed me a small area with log booms and some beach long the river. A place where the local residence hang out and talk around a bonfire. There are bike trails, pedestrian walkways, paths etc. Vancouver has become a pedestrian friendly city as you can walk or cycle just about anywhere. Just a few blocks from where I live is Queen Elizabeth Park. Its a hill (or small mountain, some say its an extinct volcano) Lots of big trees and in the centre of the park a beautiful garden. I love walking there admiring all the variety of flowers, shrubs and trees. Lot of wedding pictures are taken there.

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Unread postby Luke » Sun Apr 17, 2005 3:08 am

Walking here in rural America is something we do alot!! I live in a relatively small town of just a couple of thousand at best so it easy to walk around the town for exercise and take any of the roads that lead into it and you are out in the country.

Spring is now here and the birds wake up around 4:30 am and this makes walking out early before work and such a pleasure.

I am sure the Toronto and Vancouver would and do offer some wonderful sights to see while walking about.

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Son's graduation from Calvin College

Unread postby gordonindy » Sun May 01, 2005 8:23 pm

Hi Guys,
Our older son graduates from Calvin College in Grand Rapids next month. His graduation ceremony has taken an interesting turn with the announcement last week that President Bush will give the commencement address. The PresidentsÂ’ appearance has prompted no small amount of debate and discussion. Or son, Adam, has a weekly column in the campus newspaper, you can pretty easily guess his topic for this weeks edition. I am posting a link to his column, though it might be of interest.

http://clubs.calvin.edu/chimes/article. ... =27&ID=909

Adam is, in my humble opinionÂ…Â….., a gifted writer. He enjoys poetry the most, but also enjoys commentary and feature writhing. OKÂ…Â…Â…IÂ’ll quit braggingÂ…Â…..but hey, IÂ’m a proud Dad,,,,,what can I say??

Not sure where we are on discussing political matters hereÂ…Â…. I am basically a moderate RepublicanÂ….I am looking forward to hearing President BushÂ…Â….I think he is a good manÂ…..but I must say I have real problems with the war in Iraq, and some other of his policies that favor the rich and famous. I am currently reading God's Politics by Jim Wallis from Sojourners , he sure does make a lot of sense.

Gordon P

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