Finding Middle Ground in a Divided Culture

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Finding Middle Ground in a Divided Culture

Unread postby musicmonkey » Fri Sep 05, 2008 5:18 am

An interesting book summary...

A Purple State of Mind: Finding Middle Ground in a Divided Culture


Our culture is reeling from divisiveness and strife. People are divided politically (into red and blue states), morally, and spiritually. Successful author and Hollywood filmmaker Craig Detweiler reveals how to be a “purple” Christian—a follower of Christ who finds middle ground, not to compromise but to converse. He empowers readers to build relationships rather than erect barriers so they can more effectively communicate and live out the good news. This relevant and practical guide reveals ways to... * communicate the gospel with humility * promote prolife and pro–family positions in a pluralistic society * love members of the gay community * relate to people in other faith traditions The Christian community has become known for what it opposes rather than what it proposes—faith, hope, and love. A Purple State of Mind dismantles unhelpful misrepresentations of Jesus’ life–giving message and presents it in a fresh, contemporary way.

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