Capitalism is a theology without a morality

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Capitalism is a theology without a morality

Unread postby musicmonkey » Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:05 am

Capitalism is the pursuit of private interest as opposed to the public interest. It is a horserace for wealth and financial gain, a theology without a morality. It depends on people being basically selfish and is a system that tells its citizens that the more money you make the better off you will be as a person.

A grave misperception is that money equals happiness and success. It has been proven time after time again that money in excess can complicate an individual's life instead of enhance it. Next to land, money has arguably caused more deaths than anything else in the history of modern civilization.

The race to attain money can turn people cut-throat and ruthless. A capitalistic system breeds materialism and greed. Our entire culture is mired in sleaze and corruption. A greed-based sickness we could well call 'Enronhalliburtonitis' has rotted our corporate moral fiber. With cooked books, cronyism, sordid scandals, and sweatshop-based profiteering having become virtually standard, it’s difficult to find a categorically honest businessman. After engaging in ethically compromised work during the day, what solace do we find at night? Our leisure entertainment consists of televised reality-show vacuity that leaves our spirits weary. In uneasy moments before fitful sleep, we wonder: “How did it all go so awry?”

Our avaricious capitalist “values” are rigidly structured to discourage us from abiding by the altruistic teachings that history’s great philosophies and religions jointly share. We aren’t our brothers’ keepers. We don’t do unto others as we’d want them to do unto us. We grab the easy, exploitatively derived money and run.

People can, and do, make significant amounts money of without making any significant contribution to society whatsoever. In fact, a large portion of the American economy is devoted to doing just this -- making money off of the concept of money alone. "Interest" is a good example of this. Once an entity has a certain amount of money, it can survive off the interest without providing any constructive contribution to the advancement of society.

American commercial life consistently works at vicious cross-purposes with public welfare and the common good. Capitalism allows people to starve. People must come before profits, not the other way around. Only collective, cooperative, public-profit alternatives and true people’s democracy can give our race a realistic chance of survival.

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Re: Capitalism is a theology without a morality

Unread postby Mercuryotis » Fri Jun 13, 2008 2:41 pm

Capitalism is a theology, if money is your God.

if money is your God, then capitalism makes you a devout follower and morality is obeying its precepts.

if money is not your God, then capitalism is a philosophy or habit or tradition that you somehow must reconcile with your beliefs.

morality is acting in accord with a standard that is believed to be right. if money is your God than capitalism is moral.

what is sad is that we know that money isn't a real god, yet its devotees are zealous beyond imagination.

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